Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Can I have that time back please?

I just watched the most recent Star Wars. Christ almighty. One of my 8 year old Japanese students could have written a better script than that. Not that I was expecting Shakespeare but with all that eye candy on show I would have thought that I at least wouldn't have been too distracted by dull men tossing light sabres to Ewan McGreggor saying 'I think you might need this'. I'm not surprised the Emperor looked like he was pissing himself when Darth Vader went 'Nooooooooooo!' at the end. I was. Perhaps he'd just seen himself in the mirror and couldn't understand why he'd been dressed like something off of Blue Peter (can't help thinking encouraging kids to make 'stained glass biscuits' is a bit irresponsible. Still, who am I to question Blue Peter?) whilst being surrounded by some of the most futuristic beings ever seen. George, if you're reading this, you are a fool.
Oh well, perhaps I can negate the effects that Star Wars has had on me by watching some more of the excellent Monkey Dust. I finally managed to get the 2nd and 3rd series from my local, er, retailer. Brilliant stuff. Not for those who like their comedy sugar coated. Infact its probably not even for a lot of people who might have previously thought they liked black humour. Very very dark, sick even. Nothing is sacred. One of my favourite television programmes ever I think. Where have you been Clive.....?

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