Monday, December 05, 2005

Autumn Schmautumn

The funny thing about Autumn in Japan for WC is that I just won't let it go. Last Sunday was too warm for a jacket and the leaves were clinging on to the last vestiges of their redness as friends inexplicably decided to run around Miyajima rather than enjoy themselves with WC and SH. The week that followed was of typical blue skies and sunshine....and then it got cold...

This was the view that confronted me as I cycled back home tonight. I think at this juncture even WC has to admit that summer/autumn is over. It's snow for fuck's sake. Still, I like snow here. It's clean, it's white, and when I'm in the Inaka it's deep and untouched. I did think tonight though that to be cycling whilst wearing a wooly hat, big hooded jacket and iPod is a tad dangerous. Don't do it kids!

Next week is the GetHiroshima/Koba bonenkai which myself and GHB will be playing at at some point. Should be a great night.....oh to not have Happyokai the next day...

What else?...Bought an album online for the first time ever today. The times, they be a changing. Highly recommended Lotek Hifi - Mixed Blessings - UK hiphop? dub, dance hall stuff? I dunno, very good though.


cut_thumb said...

You, us, and toilets... all WC!
Word 'pon the street (well, our street) is that we are mighty fed-up with Blighty, the endless paying of bills, debts, working hard and being left with fuck all, shit weather and crap telly... boring Sussex Downes, stroppy barstaff, The London Road Ugly Massive, yes the list is endless.
The solution? We are well up for teaching English as a foreign language. Hazel's got an english degree and an MA, and I think I could wing it, with my age, with an accreditted Access course. We've worked out that it'll be cheaper to do it abroad, in Asia, than over here and Vietnam is ahead of the pack in terms of pay, cost of living and porn. Well, I made that last bit up but its always worth feeling optimistic in my books... Any advice, info or words of encouragement would be most appreciated. Know of any tefl asia messageboards? Heard any stories about Vietnam? Wanna see my willy?
You get the jist...
Love the snowy pic, btw, all we've had here is rain, and a bit of hail.
Anyway Al, at least The Lanky Fucker has finally scored for the 'Pool, eh?
Big love

cut_thumb said...

so you going to answer or what?