Sunday, July 03, 2011

Blueberry Kit Kat

If you want my advice kids, never consume unknown substances passed to you in darkened bars.

Then again, if it's clearly labeled 'BLUEBERRY KIT KAT', you're probably going to be alright.

A friend gave me this, in, as I say, a bar (the place you drink, not the chocolate variety).

So I'd had a few beers when I ate it which probably means the circumstances of this review were hardly scientific. Let's face it, most things taste alright after a few drinks (that kebab shop near Brighton station springs to mind, 'you want chilli sauce with that?' 'no thanks' 'ok you have chilli sauce', :splosh: ).

So I enjoyed it and I'll give it a 7. Whether or not you factor in the alcohol, er, factor I will leave up to you.

Bugger, I should have called this blog 'THE KIT KAT FACTOR' a la 'THE KRYPTON FACTOR'

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