Wednesday, July 20, 2011


As it's my birthday (yes it's MY birthday), a special Kit Kat blog is most definitely required. Not sure who by, but let's not quibble because here it is ; The Cheese Kit Kat review.

Cheese Kit Kat, is at the same time, the very best of Kit Kats and the very worst of Kit Kats. I'm not confused, it all depends on where you're coming from when you approach your wafer based chocolate snack treats.

If you're after a nice piece of chocolate covered wafer, then forget these babies (worst). On the other hand, if you're after that 'unique' chocolate experience, you know, the kind you sit your grandchildren on your knee to regale them with, then this is a one stop shop (best).

In short, they are disgusting. 'But chocolate goes with anything!' I hear some people cry. I hear them cry again as I stab them with something sharp.

Not cheese. Chocolate and cheese are like, erm, chalk and cheese. Chocolate flavoured chalk.

Interesting point : They come in a little cardboard, 'wooden chest'. Not sure why. Perhaps the designer was reminded of his sock chest, if indeed there are such things, because the minute you unwrap one of these, THAT's the aroma you get. Sweaty chocolatey socks. Mmmmm.

So, if you want some nice chocolate, I'd give these a miss. You'll be quite literally, cheesed off. Then again, want to impress some friends with some novelty snacks, you'll be a big cheese at parties where such people go.

Me, I'm giving them 2/10 because if I start messing with the rating system and give them 10/10 for their 'wow' factor, where will the madness end?

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