Friday, October 14, 2011

Soy Sauce Kit Kat

Been a little slack of late which has lead to a katastrophic lack of updates on here, the Kit Kat Factor.

So, here we are with one of the heavyweights. The kind of Kit Kat flavour that elicits a perfectly reasonable WTF?

Soy Sauce.


See, told you.
I'd heard tale of this particular Kit Kat and was given a box of them (They're the small ones) after a friend risked life and limb on a hunting trip to Tokyo.

I have a great sequence (when I say sequence I mean 2) of photos of my little friend and some time Kit Kat taster Moe, trying this particular flavour. I don't think I should upload them without her permission though so I'll talk you through them;

Photo 1 : Moe takes a tentative nibble.

Photo 2 : Moe looks like there's been a small explosion (about the size those plastic green soldiers might have set off) on her desk.

It would make a nice gif.

However I think Moe was playing up to the cameras a little because, actually, Soy Sauce Kit Kats are quite nice. There, I've said it.

Moe's mum was telling me there's a white soy sauce and perhaps that's what these Kit Kat's are based on as ineed they are white. I did a little bit of research. Literally a little. I googled it, confirmed it existed and came back here. If you'd like more information on it, off you trot.

But, anyway, yeah, they're alright. Not bad. Quite good. Hardly a eulogy I know but really, what were you expecting from a SOY SAUCE flavoured chocolate bar.

I wouldn't write home about them. Neither would I kick them out of bed (unless they started to melt). I did however write this blog about them.

Originality - 9/10

Niceness - 6.5/10

Pretty high scoring there.

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