Sunday, October 16, 2011

Azuki Sandwich Kit Kat

T'other day on Twitter I heard mention of a Pumpkin Cheese Cake flavoured Kit Kit. Oh how I craved that particular flavour for, hmm, a day or two until, UNTIL, this landed in my lap.

Azuki Sandwich Kit Kat.

It's the sandwich bit that gets me. I've never seen an Azuki sandwich. Had plenty of Azuki sweet type things, but a white bread sandwich?

I *suppose* I should at least google it, hold on...

Hmmm well, from my 5 seconds of research, there are plenty of pancake/pastry Azuki combos but plain old white bread? Seems a bit weird, but then this is Kit Kat Japan, what did I expect. Perhaps this paves the way for that staple of the American diet, peanut butter and jelly sandwich Kit Kat.

Anyway, what are they like? Pretty good! Kind of like a normal Kit Kat with subtle Azuki undertones. Nice. I wonder who got to synthesise the TOAST element of this Kit Kat in the Nestle Japan labs. 'OK, Hiroshi, you do the Azuki flavouring, and Akira-kun, you do the toast', 'Oh what!? why do I have to do the toast, I always get the supporting flavours'. Something like that anyway.

That is ofcourse IF Kit Kat actually have bothered to include bready elements to this release, or perhaps they're hoping the Azuki slant will pull the wool over our eyes. I'd hate to think they came up with all these weird and wonderful flavours and then didn't follow through. They want to be careful, Watchdog will be on their case.

Originality - 9/10

Niceness - 7/10

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