Monday, February 26, 2007

3KBreaks back in (almost) full effect

What with last years crack downs and the subsequent shutting down of a couple of smaller venues here in Hiroshima we've been content to lounge about at lovely Lotus for the past few months or so, and no doubt we will be back for more 3KL action in the near future. For now though, 3KL's bolder, badder, bigger (3B?) brother (4B), 3KBreaks is back.
After much searching for a permanent venue we have finally ended up in Roxis. The sound is pretty good and there's a lot of space, so who knows, as people begin to relax again, maybe the dreaded 'D' word might return to Hiroshima's smaller clubs.

It all starts this Saturday (3rd of March) and from then on, every first Saturday of the month the 3K Breaks crew will be taking over Roxis for a night of Nu-skool breakbeats over a surprisingly robust sound system. Expect to also hear some of the better side of Drum and Bass, UKGarage, Grime and the kind of Hip Hop you usually don’t hear on a saturday night.

It’s free so there are no excuses, and we start picking up the tempo from about 23:00. We'll be there until late....

Labelled “nu-skool” these tunes have a higher tempo than orthodox breaks, and feature samples and effects from just about every genre of dance music slapped on top of beefy basslines. So, rather than hearing the same thing all night, you get elements of everything from rock to rap and techno to dub strapped onto lovely, wobbly beats.
If you’re indering what the sound is, you can download the last 3KBreaks mix, selected by yours truly, RIGHT HERE.

Residents will be your usual hosts GHB, CA2 and Windcheater. Expect to see some monthly guests too.

Read more about Roxis

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