Tuesday, May 13, 2008

WC goes Pro

I haven't taken to hanging around on street corners under lamps yet, no. Today I heard that one of my tracks was commisioned to be used in an online game. 'Audition' it's called apparently although I am not 100% sure on that.

It's not much (it really isn't) but it's the first time I have really received anything like cash money for any of my music, so, I might have a beer tonight.

It's all thanks to Beatpick where you can stream either of my 2 E.P.s or indeed BUY them from my own little page there - HERE -


chem7 said...

Good stuff mate,
pleased that you've watched Amelie, what a great film, one of my faves! You should check out some of his (Jeunet) other films, 'A Very Long Engagement', 'Delicatesent' (cant spell) and 'The City of Lost Children' All good films, alot better than Spidey 3, worst of the 3 I think, drags on and on....

All well down under, might give you a ring sometime, laters,

Andy :)

chem7 said...
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