Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A listening loose end

Blimey it's cold outside. I'm not straying far from my heater at the moment, hoping it doesn't make too many of those funny sounds it's prone to and enjoying the fumes when it does.....mmmmmmm fumes.

Since I was back in the UK I have been listening a fair bit to Dubstep FM . The UK part isn't relevant, other than the music's roots, as it's based in America. My brother just had it on often. It's very good, streams at 192kbps geek fans, and showcases a lot of very good dubstep. Not everyone's cup of tea, it's been slowly growing on me. It's definitely good sound system type music. Dropped a couple of tracks late on on Saturday when I had drank enough not to worry if anyone left. Sounded amazing loud. Give it a spin, you, you might like might need some half decent speakers though.

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