Wednesday, August 08, 2007

DJ Hype again

After a mental 2 weeks at work, it finally finished late on Sunday night and I went down to Mugen, for DJ Hype who was back in Hiroshima. Last time GHB posted a review on GH, in which he wondered whether the local Drum and Bass scene hadn't hit it's peak. When we arrived on Sunday it did seem that way. Looking at my photos of the last time, it's clear there were a lot more people there, and even from the pictures its also obvious that the crowd were much more up for it than on Sunday. And what is it with the sound in Mugen? This place offered local clubbers a bit of hope when it opened amidst all the raids and other club's closures. It was bigger, better and newer than anywhere else. Unfortunately, noone seems to know how to get the best out of the sound system. Either that or its just a shit. Drum and bass requires, as the name suggests right? a lot of bass. The highs were ear piercing for a lot of the night and you could see Hype wasn't happy at the beginning of his set.

That said, enter the large presence of MC IC3 (WARNING! - IC3's MySpace site is covered in Chelsea pictures). What a brilliant MC. Really funny, really energetic, he transformed the fairly flat atmosphere in Mugen (what happened to lights and smoke guys?) which was no fault of the tunes Hype was playing. I don't think I have ever seen an MC make a night so much. I thought perhaps he's just doing it cos that's what he does but as Hype dropped his last tune, he was asking him to do another hour. Big otsukare to him, if I were one of the D'n'B promoters in Hiroshima I would be getting him back for every night they do.

Also, big big up to the Sleepeye boys who played some fantastic tunes after Hype. I was ready to go home drunk and tired as usually the music gets ramped up even harder after the big name leaves the stage, but not this time. Tanoshikatta.

Good news on the 3K front too as we look to be heading back to our roots sometime in October....will, ofcourse, keep you posted.

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