Friday, December 29, 2006

UK biznes and ting

I won't bother buying presents in Japan this time...nah, get them in England, I'll be there for a week before xmas....ARRRGGHH How could I forget the full horror of Christmas shopping? Agitated people clutching at scraps of paper, frantically bleating 'Have they got 'Little Britain'?' at their offspring. I woke up really early the day after arriving and went in to town at around 10am on a tuesday morning. It was rammed. Horrible.

Things I miss #1 - Bread....mmmm brown bread and marmite with a nice chunk of cheddar on the side

Things I don't miss #1 Screaming kids in shopping centres. Great quote today 'I'M NOT SHOUTING!!' from one little lamb. Although it's not the kids that bother me really, it's the aggressive parents.

Ofcourse we've got the festive serial killer here at the moment too. Some guy has just been arrested. I was quite surprised at the full on profile this bloke received in the Guardian, but that was nothing compared to the tabloid's headlines. One of them screamed 'SUSPECT WAS AN INTERNET WEIRDO'. I didn't read the article obviously but it turns out that this guy has a MySpace site. Surely this doesn't make him an internet weirdo? As I said I didn't read it but I wouldn't be surprised if that rag is reeling off his 'People I'd like to meet' as some kind of FREAKISH SEX FESTIVAL LIST to the kind of tadpoles who read that stuff. Ho Ho Ho!

edit: I flicked through the story in the WH SMith's later and yep, the fact he had a MySpace site made him a freak. Perhaps a good time to link to my MySpace site?

Things I miss #35 - Clubs in the UK - Last week I went down to Brighton for Supercharged. A-Skillz and Skool of Thought were on duty. Had a great night. Packed, up for it Brighton crowd, great tunes, I almost wanted to be back in Brighton....but then the selection of food on offer in the shop I went to after put a stop to that.

Things I don't miss #46 - The weather. It's been almost exclusively grey since I got back. A foggy winter's day can be fairly atmosperic....for a bit. Not a whole bloody week.

Other than that, I have mostly been staying in and playing Pro Evolution Soccer 6 and watching the superb Peep Show. A typical Christmas as you can get. DVDs are very cheap here.

The full horror of New Year's Eve is almost upon us. The night that all the people who don't know how to go out, go out, get horribly horribly drunk in bars that charge you to go in and spend more money, before they all spill out in to the streets to spew up and fight to the strains of Auld Lang Syne under town clocks the length and breadth of Britain. Tradition is a wonderful thing.

I'm dragging myself away from PES6 for one night to go to Bust the Box. I'm not expecting any fighting.

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