Sunday, December 24, 2006


'tis the season to write wanky articles about Christmas in Japan with the sole purpose of making yourself appear a bit of a thinker. A 'wa' would be appropriate right now, although I'm not talking Japanese particles, it's just that 'nker' at the end of thinker was looking almost spot on.

Good god, I've landed back in Western Xmas and it is a nightmare. Really. The shopping ethos here makes a trip to shinjuku look like a picnic. Never again will I think to myself, ooooh Hondori is a bit busy on a sunday. Fucking hell. Hordes of people, out buying any old tat, anything, to make up the numbers. I've just been in the longest queue I've ever experienced in a shop. Thank god for the two pints and the novelty factor of watching people getting so worked up over buying gift vouchers. Japanese kids spoilt? I hear it all the time...well, they get a lot of love and attention. Surely better than 57 presents on the 25th of december?

And relax. Cut Thumb does it much better than me though....

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