Thursday, August 10, 2006


I seem to be surrounded by all manner of stupidity/uselessness these days (I include myself in that assessment obviously). What is it with people? :stickstongueintolowerlipandgoesuhhhhh:

Here's a couple of tips from Windcheater to any would be promoters out there;

1. Try and make an effort to say hello to any DJs you book for an event.

2. Try and say thankyou to any DJs you have booked for an event.

3. Go wild, actually approach and introduce yourself to the DJ you've booked for your event. Hey, you're in the same building/room!

Hardly rocket science is it? I've tried to pick out three key failings in a recent event that GHB did. Do you think I'm onto anything there? And let's not mention the fact that GHB lugged down his mixer and set it up for everyone to use and had to cope with flack from unhappy punters whilst at the same time not being able to stop playing as there was no other DJ around etc etc....

In the words of Jacques Derrida : 'Sort it out'.

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chem7 said...

ooooooooh rant :)