Tuesday, January 17, 2006


They're taking over aren't they? Well not really, but they're pretty damned popular as everyone in the world spews forth the rubbish floating around inside their heads. Speak for yourself...

Anyway, a couple for you to peruse; Today, at 10am my good friend Andy (aka Chem7) touched down in Tokyo. Along with Sam, the two of them are starting a yearlong round the world trip with a month in Japan. They arrive in Hiroshima on Saturday. I can't wait. When I lived in Madrid I could set my watch by visitors. For obvious reasons I haven't had so many in Japan and Andy and Sam are really the first people from back 'home' who have come to spend time here. You can follow their adventures right here on their camply titled Andy and Sam blog. Andy/Chem7 was the person who patiently guided WC through his first tentative steps in music making and whilst they may think I'm going to be showing them round Hiroshima, it's straight to Shimomura music for equipment then back to the PAO Sumiyoshi sudios for more tutorials. Bwahahahaha.

Right. Then there is Wide Island (nice name). All about one man and his family and the city of Hiroshima. I'm not a great blog reader but this one is well worth checking out. The bastard can really, really write. And he's funny. Very funny. I'm glad to say I share two things in common with the author of said blog:
1. We live in the same place. I don't just mean Hiroshima, our houses are a minute's stroll away from each other. I even crashed my bike into the wall opposite his house.
2. We once reviewed a urinal together for Japanese TV. Yep, that's something no one, and I mean, NO ONE, will ever be able to take away from us.

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kelvinjay said...

Hiya mate - wishing you both a belated Abi Titmus and a Merry Nude Queer. Love the blog - funny stuff - btw there's a new Chris Morris thing starting next week, something about people working in IT... i'll let you know if it's any good :) Kelv
BTW - I'm halfway through designing my new site but have a new photo gallery here:


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