Thursday, January 21, 2010

Please Give has a release date now

Please Give, the movie which will feature my track Apathetic seems to have finally got a release date of April 23rd and is, according to this article, number 85 in the top 100 (yes, 100) anticipated movies of 2010 :snigger:

Anyway, nice to see it isn't just a figment of my imagination, and, now there are some pics up on it's imdb page I was pleased to see I do actually know some of the actors who are in it.

The track Apapthetic is available from all good record stores.

As long as those records stores are named Beatpick or Dangerous Drums Records @ Beatport or Juno download .


Anonymous said...

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MrB said...

I fear you are missing the point Anonymous (can i call you anon?). You are rambling on about drugs while we are talking about Windy's tune being on a film soundtrack. You could try not putting (url) all over the place too. No offense, just wanted to put you right.
Cheers ;-)

Anonymous said...

pretty funny. Loved the movie, can't find a soundtrack. but found this clever bit, so thanks.