Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Read all about it

I've made it on to my hompage. And, no, I didn't just go into internet options and change my home page setting to . Nope, Hiroshima features in the travel section of today's Guardian and for once the focus is on the city's livelier aspects.
The Guardian's Alex Hoban who is living here in Shikoku contacted me to ask a few things about the night life here and we ended up meeting at the Aba Shanti I gig at Mugen a couple of weeks back. Also featured are 3K friends Sleepyeye , Wide Island's Goto Izumi and some kids down by the river. The raid stuff is all a bit old hat for us living here but I suppose it makes some interesting reading for people who don't know about Japan or the city.
It's pretty positive though, as Alex himself was, and it's always nice to see other sides of Hiroshima portrayed to the world.
I do feel a bit bad as the great photo that is used on the front page was taken by my mate Paul at GH but has been credited to me. You only have to take a quick look at my snaps from last weekend's Halloween party to know I wouldn't have managed to get such a great shot. Then again, my beautiful visage has been cruelly snipped from the edge.

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