Saturday, September 30, 2006

Oh the irony....

....just as I have a big (well deserved) moan up about what's happening in Hiroshima right now....I go and have one of the best days+nights out in ages.
Sunday morning at 9am is a time I like to be nodding off to sleep not arriving in Alice Garden. It was well worth it though. I often poke fun at my friend ghb (pictured sending small children running to their mummies with hands over ears) for his never ending energy for doing stuff. He and his wife are having a baby next tuesday for god's sake and he goes and decides to have a festival the week before. Thank god for people like him though. Only interested in the buzz of doing something that others enjoy rather than the buzz of being 'known' for doing something that others enjoy.
It really was a massive success. Starting out with the new sound system he'd bought (again, quality planning) which was excellent. If only we had a place to permanently use it...right through to the curry and the massage I had. Loads of people turned up and the day was brilliantly rounded off by the Spins who featured in the very first post on this blog. Everything went just right, from the mix of the bands to the various stalls. People were dancing in Alice Garden! And no I don't mean Para Para :)
Very tiredly I dragged myself to Chinatown, the supposedly last bastion of dancing in Hiroshima, for Andy C. I like drum and bass but a whole night of it usually does my head in. Fuck me though, Andy C and MC GQ were really really good. A brilliant night. Massive respect to the Heartbeat of Dragon crew.
And our lovely local coppers want to stop it all.

Lots of youtube vids from Sunday on the GH blog. Why can't I blog youtube stuff at the moment?

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