Wednesday, June 21, 2006

3K on tour

Well it was a long one but a good weekend that felt pretty satisfying. Hey I even fitted some work in somewhere along the line.

On Friday night GHB and myself hosted 3K again at Edge with special guest Dangerous Drum's ED2000. It wasn't full but then again we never expected it to be on a friday (always a funny night here in Hiroshima). However, the small crowd that did come down did enjoy it and ED2000 did what he does best and what a lot of DJs fail to do round these parts, get people dancing. Even the head nodders were up and that's no mean feat. Apart from anything, it was just great to meet such a nice guy. Hopefully we can hook up with DD again sometime. At 3am we took to the decks. I didn't expect anyone to be there at that time and was preparing to play to an MD recorder. In the end though, little pockets of people kept coming back and my god they were dancing too. It does seem that there are people who want something a little different to drum and bass. Many thanks to CA2, God Fxxx and MC Ali too who provided us with a couple of other great sets.

So, that was Friday out of the way, onto Saturday.... It's taken me 33 years to work out if I don't drink I can get through most things the next day. Work was a breeze and at 3.30 GHB and myself boarded the bus to Tottori for the San In beach party. What a great event. I haven't been before so can't compare it to previous years but I was really impressed with the set up, the beach and the weather. Many thanks to Steve and Tom for having us along (GHB is a bit of a regular). Two nights, two international DJs, on Saturday we shared the bill with Silva,a former Jpop idol now house DJ and singer. Her set was a kind of walk through of remixed party classics but putting snobbery aside she had the crowd loving it, mixed well and has a fantastic voice. To sing over records and not sound shit is not going to be easy. I had to laugh at the end when she was doing a call and response thing with the crowd and she would sing something that noone at the party could get anywhere close to. I did get the impression that on a different night she might play slightly differently as she dropped in a couple of less well known, slightly edgier tracks that didn't go down as well with the crowd. Unpretensiously she gave the people what they wanted. Then again what do I know, maybe she plays like that always.
Pretentiously me and GHB dived straight into the breaks and scared most of the dancers away :) After a while though the crowd seemed to noticeably change as a different breed crawled out of the dark and to our relief, lapped up the dub heavy bass that carried a lot of our set. This was all after a scare at the beginning when my laptop wouldn't switch on. If any of you have a Vaio out there, make sure the lock switch on your battery is switched on! At the end of the night we were approached by a couple of promoters from Osaka and asked to play in July, a date we can't unfortunately make. Nice to be asked though and I guess it can't have been all that bad.

At 6.30 and after only 3 hours sleep the previous night we crawled into our tents.....and woke up at 8.30. What? After dragging ourselves back to Hiroshima it was straight out to watch Japan vs Croatia.......hardcore!

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