Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spring breaks?

eurgh...it was a bit of a long weekend for me finishing off with DJ Fresh and Dieselboy at 4.14 on Sunday night. I wasn't really in a mood to go out but ended up quite enjoying it. Preferred Fresh to Dieselboy's more 'in your face' approach. You've got to hand it to the D'n'B faithful of Hiroshima as they turn out time and time again on Sundays or weekdays to party. Thank god I have Monday's off.
Part of the reason for going down on Sunday was to book a DJ for May's 3k. I'll post up the details soon but for now, you can pencil in these dates as myself and GHB bring more tasty breaks to Hiroshima. Apr 15th sees us relaxing at Lotus again for a more laidback 3k, 3k lite if you will. Come and lounge in the brown of Lotus. Then on May 13th it's the real thing back at Edge, where we will then return a month later hopefully with a very special guest. That'll be on a Friday :gulp: I'll confirm all of this as soon as I can. For now, why not get in the mood with ibreaks.co.uk - Breakbeat internet radio. Hopefully see you all out and about sometime soon.

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