Thursday, August 04, 2005


On Aug 6th this year I will be flying back to the UK from Hiroshima. This year is the 6oth anniversary of the atomic bombing. There are all sorts of events planned in the city and in fact there is one any of you, wherever you are can get involved in - For the outsider the name Hiroshima probably conjures up only one thing, and I don't mean Okonomiyaki. Apart from the obvious sadness of that awful day its a bit of a shame for modern day Hiroshima (which is lovely) that it's almost only known for being destroyed. It's inevitable I suppose. You can be easily overwhelmed by the sadness of one of the most depressing days in history, the unleashing of such a destructive power onto Hiroshima and into the world at large. At my workplace however there were loads of pictures of tour groups ...mostly kids, cute smiles, peace signs, the A-bomb dome in the background. I started to think they had the right idea rather than me sombrely wandering round on my first visit. Hiroshima styles itself as an International city of Peace and the word is everywhere. It wasn't a word that sat comfortably with my former cynical British outlook, but in a way Hiroshima has reclaimed the word for me. It's people, it's kids, their kindness and the lack of aggression on the streets. Peace in a practical sense. I wonder if the same thing had happened to other countries how other cities and more importantly, how the people would have reacted.
Ironically Hiroshima is known as one of the roughest places in Japan with its Yakuza reputation and Bosozoku gangs and don't get me wrong, you won't find a city full of beautiful shaven headed androgonous beings in flowing robes communicating via sub bass, there are wankers everywhere. There is however a lot Europe could learn from here and the longer I stay away the less I think I could stand to worry about walking down certain streets on a weekend night for fear of 'looking at someone funny'.
So that's my tribute to Hiroshima for this Saturday. Recently I was ignored (not uncommon) by someone quite spectacularly until they left and said 'Peace' to me....reminded me a bit of Main Source's 'Peace is not the word to play'. Although, granted, that song is about people shooting people and then saying peace rather than being a bit unfriendly :)
Anyway give me a kid's big toothy smile and the same word anyday

Peace ('_')V

Sorry about that, this is supposed to be a music site....erm....getting a new computer very soon :geekheaven: Can't wait. Hifana have got a new album out soon too which I might just go and buy....oooooh. Check them out, they are very good, and if they play live near you...GO! They are amazing.

Oh and I'm now Uncle WC. My Sister had a beautiful baby girl, Elodie who I can't wait to meet.

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